Using Checkout Codes

Using Checkout Codes

Users that check out books from a library to read in ProView will receive an email with text similar to this:

"You have successfully checked out a copy of <book title> for use in ProView as a Library User without a ProView account. Your check out code is: kf12oi4kvbrvfc."

The email will also include a hyperlink.

If you lose your checkout code, you must check your books in to your library management system and out again to get a new checkout code.

You can begin viewing your book in ProView using one of these two sign on options:

  1. Launch ProView on the device or desktop you want to download the loaned book onto and select the "Use Checkout Code" option on the login page. Enter the check out code above and sign in.
  2. Follow this link, select the ProView platform you want to download the loaned book onto, and launch ProView.

Important Notes:

  • Your check out code is intended for use on one device or browser. Once the code has been used to sign on to ProView for a device or browser, it may not be used for a different device or browser.
  • Signing out of ProView will remove the check out code from your device or browser and you will not be able to view your loaned books. You must use your Library Management System to check in all of the ProView books you have loaned anonymously and check them out again to generate a new check out code to regain access your loaned books.
  • After you redeem one checkout code, additional checkouts will display in your ProView library without requiring to log in with another checkout code.